50 Reflections on Lockdown

Black Lives Matter

The protests, highlighting racial injustice, in response to the death of George Floyd and caused many to reflect and take action in recent weeks. Read Nicola Williams’ blog posting on the  website for the Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces website  here


by Nicola Williams

These are just a snapshot of how I’ve been feeling during lockdown; first put together 3 weeks ago but still hold true. In no order of importance:

1. Seeing people’s background views when they’re interviewed on TV. Mostly books - people do a lot of reading (or make out that they do!), but also kitchens, pets and cute small children. It’s wonderfully humanising. Also observing hair and beard changes of newsreaders over time.


2. Beautiful sunny weather which makes Lockdown much easier.

3. Discovering the Nature Reserve at the top of Streatham Common. So lovely I joined Friends of Streatham Common.

4. My (almost!) daily walks - especially on sunny evenings.

5. Getting to grips with Zoom, Bluejeans, FaceTime, Skype and Houseparty, because I’m really making the time and effort to connect with people.

6. The NHS - free at the point of use. It may not be perfect but in a pandemic it has been STELLAR. And all other key and social care workers, who sometimes get forgotten behind our justified praise for the NHS.

7. Captain Tom!

8. Time for quiet reflection. 

9. Realising that even in a pandemic and lockdown, I have so much to be grateful for.

10. Having the opportunity to expand my knowledge online.

11. An expanded church that can come into the living rooms of all who log on.

12. Discovering Netflix and Instagram. But only positive viewing!

Alison Brunt

It’s not a huge surprise to find great generosity from friends and neighbours, but it is very touching to have received donations for the food bank from church people, my neighbours, and from our local corner shop. One family had been given some food because they are key workers but decided to  pass it on to the food bank.  This is the food that we sent on last week - and by the end of the day more had come! 

Food is, of course a vital part of our lives.  In our house mealtimes have become even more important for us in marking out the day. We each beaver away in our respective study rooms with simultaneous zoom meetings, so getting together to cook and eat is an enjoyable break and time to catch up.  We are so grateful that for us, having food on the table is pretty easy and we hold in prayer those who do not have enough to eat and who need to rely on the support if others.

Many thanks to all who give either through our collection or by other means, to Vicky Bruce for promoting it through her neighbourhood watch network and to Yvonne Douglas- Morris for delivering it to the Beulah Road food bank.

Khalil's reflection about Bevon’s birthday celebration.

My grandma’s home is usually the place that all the family gather to celebrate all family events when she spoils us with her delicious meals.  Last week it was my grandma’s birthday which we celebrated with just the four of us, which felt a bit strange, but we still had a glorious day!  We had a massive brunch (not cooked by her 😊) and had a few surprise gifts which were dropped off by family and friends.  Grandma was also surprised by a wonderful carrot cake and a fruit cake and flowers. 

During the afternoon my mum, my uncle and my great-aunt surprised my Grandma with a visit by staying outside the front door  and sang “Happy Birthday” and visited for a long time catching up  whilst maintaining social distancing.  We have not seen my uncle for since lockdown and so it was quite emotional for grandma she could not help to shed a tear or two.  My uncle, her son cycled 30miles on bicycle just to see his mummy for her birthday.  My grandma finds it really difficult not to be able to hug my mum and uncle.   Love is a powerful thing when it comes to family!

To end the day we had an unforgettable night, when we had a family group video call on WhatsApp which is also how we stay in touch with family.   We thank God for technology and the ability to stay in close contact with family and friends in spite of the global pandemic.

Technology has also made it possible to still have Church and we thank God for his goodness.

Judith Kitchingman

Life during lockdown has for me in many ways remained the same as life before, since I do like being at home and can always find plenty to do. I had thought I would get done all those things I have been meaning to do, but put off. But procrastination is my middle name and the photos remain unsorted, the family tree has had no further research and the loft remains full of mountains of “stuff” which needs sorting and disposing of.

However I have managed to get some things done: I made a skirt using material I already had;

I renovated a cupboard with paint we had and old Morris wallpaper samples;

Then when Alison asked if anyone could make something to hang behind her when she leads the service from the Vicarage, I decided to have a go. I had the material left over from the white chasuble I had made, so decided to use that as it was the right colour for the Easter season. The shape of the cross in the design was partly decided by the shape of the remnants I had. I used the gold coloured lining fabric to outline the shape of the cross and made the letters for the text out of fabric scraps.



My next task was to paint the Paschal candle for this year, something I find challenging but enjoyable and totally engrossing.

Making things, sewing, drawing, reading have helped me through this difficult time. But there are still all those more daunting tasks waiting for me.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can be in Church again and be with our families and friends.

Vicky Bruce (and family):

A-Z of ‘Stay at home’ – Coronavirus April 2020
A Advice from Government.
B Boris is ill.
C Cheer for carers / Covid 19 / Coronavirus / China / Cough / Cruise ships
D Daily briefing from COBRA / Droplets / Daily death rate
E Education at home
F Face screens / Furlough staff
G Gowns / Gloves
H Home schooling / Hoax cures / Hubei Province – China
I Isolating
J Joy of recovering
K Key workers
L London Transport – key workers & central doors on buses only
M Masks / Missing family & friends
O Oxygen
P Panic buying / Pandemic / Personal Protective Equipment
Q Queen’s speech / Queues / Quarantine
R Rainbow pictures / Respirators / Recovery
S Schools closed / Social distancing / Shortages / Scam emails
T Toilet rolls
U Umbrella for queuing
V Virus / Ventilators / Vitamin D / Virtual London Tours / Vaccine
W Work from home / Walk – one permitted per day for exercise / Wuhan city in China
X X-rays
Y Yelling 'thank you' to carers on Thursday evenings at 8pm
Z Zoos closed / Zoom video calls to family

Peter Haylock

I felt so good [after a Sunday 'Bluejeans' service], I spent most of the day in my garden restoring our two-person garden seat. It had been deteriorating by our garage but I decided I would repair it. Had it not been for lockdown I would probably not have bothered. Needless to say I miss football terribly but I have focused on other things.

Gillian Haylock

Gill has been busy.... "First I made an NHS rainbow by crochet. I also made one for the grandchildren to hang in their porch." She has also been knitting clothes for premature babies.

Alison Brunt

The day after ‘Lockdown’ began I spent my exercise time walking in the church garden and putting up notices. I felt very sad as I put up the signs telling the world that, for now, the church building must stay closed for the health and safety of the community. But then I looked up and saw the sign above the door, 20+C+M+B+20 our chalk marking from Epiphany, and it is a powerful reminder that whether we enter the building or not, we are still greatly blessed by God and that we are under his protection.

The daffodils in the garden spoke clearly of the fact that in this dark time there is still hope and reason for joy.

This week, after a walk out around the parish I noticed that this rose is flowering abundantly – probably the best I’ve ever seen it. I hope that it brings joy to the people who pass by.



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