Electoral Roll Revision and APCM 2020

Electoral Roll Revision and APCM 2020

Here you will find all the information that you need in advance of the upcoming APCM in November

Electoral Roll Revision

The Electoral roll of St Oswald's church is being revised in preparation for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

See the notice about this here.

You can join the electoral roll if you are a baptised Christian, aged over 16 and either live in St Oswald's Parish or attend the church regularly.

If you are already on the electoral roll you do not need to apply again this year.

An application form can be downloaded here and can be returned in person to the church or the vicarage or by email to rev.alison@outlook.com on or before 22nd October. Emailed responses should either be scanned copies of a physically signed form or completed electronically and sent from the individual's personal email address in lieu of personal signature.

You should read the notes carefully and ensure that you have made the correct declaration.

You can check whether you live in the parish by visiting a church near you


The date of the APCM will be confirmed shortly.