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The Parish Church of St. Oswald
Green Lane

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Our Church

The church, built in 1934, accommodates 429 persons. It was designed by the architects Caroe & Passmore in the Byzantine manner.  This type of building was adopted partly for reasons of economy, both as regards first cost and maintenance, and partly for the reason that it was considered more suitable to the locality than a Gothic building.

Edward Rusted, a previous vicar of our Church, wrote a short guide in 1974 about our Church, the building, its history, our patron Saint and the manor of Norbury. It can be found at St Oswald's Short Guide.pdf.

Our Patron Saint

Oswald (c 604 – 5 August 642) was King of Northumbria from 634 until his death, and was venerated as a saint in the Middle Ages.  He was the son of Æthelfrith of Bernicia and came to rule after spending a period in exile; after defeating the British ruler Cadwallon ap Cadfan, Oswald brought the two Northumbrian kingdoms of Bernicia and Deira once again under a single ruler, and promoted the spread of Christianity in Northumbria.  He was given a strongly positive assessment by the historian Bede, writing a little less than a century after Oswald's death, who regarded Oswald as a saintly king; it is also Bede who is the main source for present-day historical knowledge of Oswald.  After eight years of rule, in which he was the most powerful ruler in Britain. Oswald was killed in the Battle of Maserfield.  (source – Wikipedia)

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